In 1721, Tsar Peter I
personally ordered
the construction of
a new arms factory
in Sestroretsk, The
project was overseen
by Willim de Genin,
a native of Holland

Project Description

Historical information

The first mention of Sestroretsk (initially Systerback) can be found in Swedish chronicles from the beginning of the XVII century. However, there has been a harbor and trading settlement located at the mouth of the Sister River dating back to pagan times. The Russian name, Sestroretsk, only took root in Peter`s time.

In 1703, the year in which Saint-Petersburg was founded, a battle between Russian and Swedish troops took place on the banks of the Sister River. Under the leadership of Peter the Great, the Russians prevailed against the Swedes. Seven years later, the Tsar sent his crew of officers to survey the Sister river environs. And in 1714, he decided to survey the area himself. Charmed by its natural beauty, Peter supposed he would build a “Second Peterhof” on this very spot. However, the architects that he invited considered it impossible due to insufficient elevation differences. Peter then ordered dams to be built in preparation for the construction of an arms factory. As a result of these dams, a man-made lake, Sestroretsk Razliv, was created. In 1721, the construction began and the city started to grow around the lake.


From 1894 to 1902,
the factory was run
by the famous Russian
arms designer,
Sergey Ivanovich

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For many years, the factory produced arms and was known as “The Sestroretsk arms factory”. The factory construction was supervised by Willim de Genin, a Dutch architect, until its completion in 1724. Unfortunately, the original buildings were wooden and didn’t survive until the present day — in 1780 a major part of the complex was destroyed by fire.Today, the remaining historical buildings are in the industrial redbrick style of the late 19th century.

The factory produced not only firearms, but also ship-building materials and metal decorations for the interiors of imperial palaces. It was in Sestroretsk that the silver tomb of Alexander Nevsky was forged and engraved. From 1894 to 1902, the factory was run by the famous Russian arms designer, Sergey Ivanovich Mosin. His trilinear magazine rifle of 1891 was the primary weapon of Russian infantry for many years. It was here in Sestroretsk that many famous weapondesigners such as Fedotov, Tokarev and Degtyarev began their careers.

During the Soviet era the factory was converted to more peaceful production and got its present name — “The Sestroretsk instrument factory”.

In the middle of XX century, the factory was one of the largest and most productive in the instrumental field. Even today there is an area for preserving the historical buildings that are under the protection of Historical Monuments Preservation Committee.



Petrovsky Arsenal is located on North of Saint- Petersburg, in the town Sestroretsk, only in 26 kilometers from the historical center of Saint-Petersburg. Due to its beautiful woods, Finnish gulf views and excellent transportation, Sestroretsk is developing into the elite suburb, similar to the Moscow’s Rublevka. The list of current residents in Sestroretsk includes celebrities, business leaders, and cultural elite.


The new junction onto Savushkina Street and the “Western high-speed expressway” provide comfortable accessibility in both directions at any time. Travel time to the center of St. Petersburg takes no more than 30 minutes. Commuting to the Pulkovo airport takes approximately 40 minutes. In addition, travelling to Vyborg and the Finnish border takes less than 1 hour.

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Sestroretsk -
an elite residential
suburb, like the
Moscow's Rublevka

Commuting to the
center of St . Petersburg
takes less than
30 minutes


The Kurortniy
District of Saint-
Petersburg is
developing a large
scale center for
business and cultural
which will provide
a comfortable
environment for
work and living

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Today, Sestroretsk and the entire Kurortniy District has comfortable and all-sufficient infrastructure: a large number of street retail shops, shopping centers, restaurants, sports complexes, hotels, kindergartens, schools and medical centers.

The new social and business complex "Lahta Center" is being built a few kilometers from Sestroretsk. Gazprom company is both an investor and an initiator of the project. Besides the office center, the core of which will become the headquarters of “Gazprom Neft”, the “Lahta Center” will feature among other things:

  • An education center
  • A conference-hall that seats 500
  • A modern sports complex
  • A medical center
  • Parks and squares
  • A public area and waterfront amphitheater;
  • Art galleries
  • Аnd much more

The Kurortniy District of Saint-Petersburg is developing a large scale center for business and cultural activity which will provide a comfortable environment for work and living.

The “Lahta Center” complex will create 80,000 new jobs and, correspondingly, create an additional demand for high-quality business-class accommodations. Realization of the “Petrovsky Arsenal” project will satisfy 35-40% of the potential additional demand for residential.



Kurortniy District is the most eco-friendly suburbs of Saint-Petersburg. Its picturesque landscapes, coniferous forests, and sandy beaches along the Gulf of Finland all contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Sestroretsk is surrounded by water. To the west is the Gulf of Finland, to the east is the Lake Razliv — the first artificial lake of Saint-Petersburg, created by Peter the Great. It’s unique natural setting has made Sestroretsk one of the most popular spots for vacation houses. On top of that, many people are also choosing this ecofriendly suburb as their permanent residence.

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Project concept

Petrovsky Arsenal represents is the first redevelopment project in the industrial part of the Sesroretsk. The former weapons factory will be renovated and converted into a modern business center and living complex with developed infrastructure. This project is undertaking not only the reconstruction of protected historical buildings, but also the construction of new buildings. The project aims to preserve the main historical layout of the territory. Petrovskii Arsenal will feature a living environment where then townhouses and lofts merge with the objects of social infrastructure. It is planned to create a security gate to control entry access to the area. In the area designated for living, there will be a park, recreation areas, walking paths and an embankment along the canal that runs the length of the territory. Besides the restoration of architectural monuments, park areas, and a museum, considerable attention is being paid to the development of sport and recreation facilities.



Potential residents, customers and tenants

Target audience

The portrait of the potential residents of living space of real estate:
Age: 35-55 years
Sex: 55% - men
45% - women
Family income: above the average, high
Social status: top-managers, С.Е.О, owners of medium and large businesses, government officials, private investors
Major demand for: 2 to 3 bedroom apartments,
70-110 square meters

The portrait of potential customers and tenants of commercial real estate:

  • Chain retailers
  • Private investors
  • Public catering operators
  • Chain fitness-centers
  • Private kindergarten
  • Hotel operators

Legal status of the project

  • Lots with a total area of 10 hectares are owned as Private Property
  • Lots with a total area of 3 hectares are for 49 year leases (under the buildings-monuments and waterproof area)
  • Type of the use: residential development
  • On the property there are seven buildings/monuments of regional importance and one building of federal importance, all of which are to be reconstructed and adapted for the modern use
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Approvals and utilities

The approved project layout, land-surveying of the territory (decree of the Government of Saint-Petersburg № 868 of 29.06.2010) and utility permission including:

  • Water supplier “Vodocanal”
  • Ltd. “Peterburggas”
  • Peterburgteploenergo
  • JSC “Gasprom”

Project technical characteristics

  • Area of the land lot (including parks and squares) 13,9 ha (1,17 ha)
  • Maximum total area of the new construction, including living and commercial real estate (trade offices, restaurants, cafes), sport center, parking areas 197 000 м2
  • Boiler-room, electrical substation 1 000 м2
  • Active real estate object — Administrative commercial building (the object of cultural Heritage of federal significance “Mosin’s house”) 1 226 м2


  • Electric power 5 000 kVA
  • Additional power 1 247 kVA


  • Gas boiler-room at a rate of 1 520 m3/day (heating, ventilation, hot water supply)


  • Water usage 1 095,9 m3/day
  • Water sewerage 989, 97 m3/day

Master plan of project territory

Main Projects Parameters

Name: “ Petrovsky arsenal”

Residential and commercial construction


Elite suburb of Saint-Petersburg, Kurortniy District, center of Sestroretsk

Project characteristics

  • Area of the land plot: 13,9 hectares
  • Title: Private property
  • Electrical power: 6mW


  • Unique and rich history of the project
  • Opportunity to create a unified social environment
  • Located in the most eco-friendly suburb of Saint- Petersburg — in the center of Sesroreck, 5 minutes from the coast of the Gulf of Finland.
  • Developed infrastructure: “Western high-speed expressway”, new road junction on Savushkina street
  • Residential development
  • Availability of engineering infrastructure

Area of the land plot: 13,9 ha


the largest real estate
private equity firms
in Russia

Jensen Group

Jensen Group is one of the largest real estate private equity firms in Russia where it has invested for more than 20 years. Jensen has achieved superior investor returns through two boom-bust cycles in one of the world’s most challenging investment markets. Located in its Nevsky Prospect headquarters is Jensen’s vertically integrated team which gives us the capability to move quickly and capitalize on active management and add value through all phases of real estate management.

Jensen Group has invested in and managed Russian real estate projects across all product types including office, residential, retail, industrial/warehouse and raw land. With more than 100 local, on the ground professionals, Jensen Group is well-positioned to capitalize on St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region’s compelling real estate market fundamentals. Jensen Group has an extremely strong track record and an established network of relationships allowing it to source and close off-market transactions at below market prices. Jensen Group is one of very few investment managers in the Russian real estate market with a long and well established track record of managing third-party capital. Jensen currently manages more than US$ 500 million of assets. In addition to several office, residential, retail, and warehouse properties, Jensen owns marquee asset in St. Petersburg: The Passage on Nevsky Prospect.



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Jensen House
Fifth Floor
Nevsky Prospect 32
St. Petersburg, 191011
Russian Federation
Telephone: +7 (812) 325-13-06
Fax: +7 (812) 325-52-62